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Welcome to FD-DOC!
FreeDOS aims to be a complete, free, 100% MS-DOS compatible operating system. Note: I personally would prefer to exclude bugs from compatibility ...
The FreeDOS Documentation Project (FD-DOC) is working to create free, high quality documentation for the FreeDOS Project. The overall goal of FD-DOC is to collaborate in all of the issues of FreeDOS documentation. This includes the creation of “How-tos” and “mini How-tos”, as well as hosting this FreeDOS wiki. We hope to establish a system of documentation for FreeDOS that will be easy to use, so that everyone will find FreeDOS useful!

The FAQ on contains a collection of frequently asked questions and answers: To avoid duplicates, please use the FAQ search on before submitting a new question. You can also check the MetaFaq which gives an overview of the most popular FAQ topics and the most useful answers for them. If you find a good FAQ item, you can add it to the MetaFAQ yourself, because the MetaFAQ is part of this Wiki.



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