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This page describes dependencies between packages in the FreeDOS 1.0 full distro. The FDFULLCD cdrom contains 217 binary packages. It would be nice if it contained the (small) sources of the 65 BASE packages but it does not? You can get those in FDBASEWS or as one zip per package.

The only serious dependency inside the BASE cdroms is that some packages need cwsdpmi, but you will usually simply install all the packages in BASE anyway.

If you want to read the source code of one of the 152 non-base, please download that separately per package, if available, instead of downloading the whole FDFULLWS cdrom. Thanks for saving bandwidth :-).

Of the 217 binary packages, 72 come with installer scripts. This means that using FDPKG instead of UNZIP to install those 72 packages gives you extra functionality. One extra functionality is install, remove, and upgrade scripts. The upgrade and remove scripts usually contain code to remove files which are part of the package but which are not in the zip file which you originally installed. For example generated config files and downloaded modules fall into this category. The install scripts usually describe automatic config generation and download of modules which we could not include in the cdrom, for example due to licensing issues.

The text below omits the “x” at the end of all binary package names. Entries marked with an “&” are recommended but optional. Entries marked with “!” describe conflicts. In the item lists, the first column lists the package and the other columns list packages which are needed to use the package in the first column.

Recommended packages are not automatically selected by the installer, you only get a message that it is recommended to install X when you select installing Y and an “&X” is found in the dependency list for Y.

The following packages need internet connection DURING INSTALL, cdrtool only indirectly because it recommends ASPI install:

Those only RECOMMEND packages which require internet during install:

The following packages are internet related, but Lynx, Arachne, HXRT and Lnxsmal are also useful without internet:

Various other dependencies - note that OWATCOM is very big:

The following packages only need cwsdpmi:

7zip bolitar bsfirc dosfsck fbc gnufile gs id3tool magick mine nethack ntfs ospedit rrexx setedit smbtmgr ssh2dos upx urlview xdelta xosl xpdf zisofs

The following packages need cwsdpmi and some other package(s) as well:

cdrtool bsflite bzip2 fpascal jmpbump

All internet related packages also need cwsdpmi.

If you want a smaller but almost complete install, avoid: OpenWatcom C/C++ (owatcom), XHarbour (xharbor), kraptor, doom, vi (vimrt/vim16/vim32), maybe FreePascal (fpascal)… Then you might even manage to install on less than 100 MB ;-)

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