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Welcome to FD-DOC!
FreeDOS aims to be a complete, free, 100% MS-DOS compatible operating system. Note: I personally would prefer to exclude bugs from compatibility ...
The FreeDOS Documentation Project (FD-DOC) is working to create free, high quality documentation for the FreeDOS Project. The overall goal of FD-DOC is to collaborate in all of the issues of FreeDOS documentation. This includes the creation of “How-tos” and “mini How-tos”, as well as hosting this FreeDOS wiki. We hope to establish a system of documentation for FreeDOS that will be easy to use, so that everyone will find FreeDOS useful!

The FAQ on http://fd-doc.sourceforge.net/faq/cgi-bin/index.cgi contains a collection of frequently asked questions and answers: To avoid duplicates, please use the FAQ search on http://fd-doc.sourceforge.net/faq/cgi-bin/search.cgi before submitting a new question. You can also check the MetaFaq which gives an overview of the most popular FAQ topics and the most useful answers for them. If you find a good FAQ item, you can add it to the MetaFAQ yourself, because the MetaFAQ is part of this Wiki.


FreeDOS documentation Wiki back online
2006-06-08 15:23 - FreeDOS Documentation Project
A few days ago, I restored a backup of our documentation Wiki and removed heavy spamming (link farms) from dozens of pages. Twelve hours later, everything was totally spammed again. So, following JeremyD's example from http://wiki.fdos.org/ (the tech wiki), the user documentation wiki on http://fd-doc.sourceforge.net/wiki/ now uses a blocklist to stop spammers. I hope you will enjoy using the resurrected wikis for DOS-friendly things again now :-). The doc wiki also features the MetaFaq, which has pointers to our best FAQ entries...! By the way - the FAQ engine now has spam filtering, too...
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2005-09-04 21:46 - FreeDOS Documentation Project
We had a few problems with the site, including wiki and faq. Soon, everything will be back to it's normal state.
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New coordinator
2004-11-15 16:55 - FreeDOS Documentation Project
The FD-DOC project has a new coordinator, me, Carlos Bonamigo and also a new homepage for the project that will be ready soon. Everybody is invited to collaborate and we will be using the pmwiki wikiwiki engine to ease the maintenance of the FD-DOC documentation.
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German FreeDOS Kompendium
2004-10-30 13:22 - FreeDOS Documentation Project
Thought everyone might like to see Stefan Mayrhofer's terrific effort to create a Germn documentation Wiki for FreeDOS. Stephan writes: "hi, I'm working on a German wiki book called 'FreeDOS Kompendium' at http://de.wikibooks.org/wiki/FreeDOS-Kompendium based on the wiki concept so everyone is invited to contribute (in German) to it. of course all content is under the terms of gfdl. Maybe someone wants to translate this to other languages."
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FreeDOS How-tos in DocMan
2004-06-17 13:00 - FreeDOS Documentation Project
Hi! I've (finally!) finished moving all of the FreeDOS How-tos into the DocMan system (https://sourceforge.net/docman/index.php?group_id=18412). My next step now is to insert the Spec/Manifesto into DocMan.
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